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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 23, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. wall street worries big time dow takes second biggest plunge of the year. >> sell-off frenzy result of a slew of unexpectedly bad earnings reports. live look at the big board new york stock exchange right now down 213 points. slight rebound lowest point of the day when the index was down 253 points, almost 2%. investors are panicked after big taped companies reported weak earnings and gloomy forecasts. 3m shares also down.
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the company makes office products. ups warns the holiday shopping season could prove disappointing. >> facebook set to report third quarter earnings today after the market closers. investors will be watching closely. its stock tumbled in july. facebook stack value will be under further pressure thursday we millions of shares held by employees will be hitting the market. a live look at the apple officials on stage now in san jose. cornell bernard joins us live with the big questions the price and the features. >> reporter: we are still waiting for the price. there is a frenzy here in downtown san jose. apple fans have been waiting a very longtime this morning we are getting our first look at
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the new ipad mini it was unveiled a few minutes ago in true apple fashion was kept a closely guarded secret, until now. the 7 inch. pad, apple calls it more than a shrunken down regular version of the ipad. this one is thin, has a high resolution screen, large enough to hold in your hand. tech experts say the new device will give competing products like kindle fire a run for its money. >> come holiday season, consumer goes into a store or online and looking at options. right now amazon and google have tablets that you can buy for less than $200. apple have that. if they can narrow that gap on price they give peep more reason to buy an apple product. >> reporter: apple announced new lighter version of the its mac book and i-mac.
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experts say the ipad mini could be $250 to $350. as far as sales apple says ipads have been selling well last two years 100 million have been sold. as far as the iphone 5, five million were sold the first weekend of sales, last month. cornell bernard, abc7 news. we are still waiting for that price on the mini ipad. here's a live look at the announcement still going on now. david louie is live tweeting from the event. you can follow him on twitter 7dave. now the jury deciding fate of murder suspect giselle esteban, charged with killing nursing student michelle le in may of last year her body was found four months later. esteban's attorney told jurors
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she didn't plan on killing le but snapped. the alameda sheriff's office set to release new details in the case of a woman found dead inside a burning castro valley home. fire crews put out the fire last thursday, inside they found the body of that woman. investigators declared the fire to be suspicious. the woman's buy , retired san francisco firefighter was not home at the time. staff members at napa state hospital with other state mental health workers throughout california are observing this two year anniversary of the murder of a psychiatric tech donna gross was killed on-the-job by a patient in 2010. hospital union workers will be joined by state assembly workers tonight at napa state hospital. hospitals statewide have made changes as a result of the tragedy. san bruno city council will vote on a measure tonight that calls for forcing out the head of the public utilities
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commission eight people died september 2010, their families accuse the puc chairman of making backroom deals with pg&e and not working to protect the public. police plan to release more details on the case of missing teenaged girl from petaluma found safe in the central valley. 15-year-old ruby mendoza, was last seen getting in a car with her godfather a 29-year-old and another man last wednesday yesterday afternoon police in fresno received a tip she was in a home south of fresno. police went to the house identified ruby and arrested the man. giants fever is gripping the bay coming off of last night's epic series win fans are gearing up for tomorrow's start of the world series right here at home. amy hollyfield is live at at&t
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park. >> reporter: good morning. the dug out store opened two hours early this morning it is crowded in there even more crowded than the assistant manager expected. fans are using this break in between series to some shopping. >> looking for the world series apparel. trying to beat the . >> reporter: post-season sweatshirts for men are sold out. national league championship t-shirts selling for $32. commentator stopped by to stock up. >> i'm here i've got to get shirts and hats for relatives and friends. we are all caught up maybe buying a t-shirt is a piece of the team. >> reporter: the second batch of t-shirt came off the conveyor belt a little after 5 o'clock this morning. the crew gambled questioned
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and principled shirts before the giants won it turned out to be a good one. >> you have to be ready. people expect it when they come out of the ballpark. they want t-shirts. >> reporter: sales manager mike smith says there was some debate over whether to print them early since the giants did get off to a slow start. major league baseball destroys them if the team doesn't win. >> as soon as they win three games we'll start printing. >> reporter: turns out anything with a giants' logo is a big seller now. susie cakes can barely keep giants cupcakes in stock. >> it has been crazy if we don't have them in the case people are can i get them? they can order but the demand we can't keep up. >> reporter: these national championship t-shirts are the big sellers. so big they are going to have extended hours from 8 to 8 all
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week. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. if you interested in checking out the world series action in person it is going to cost you. tickets on sight shows the arm price for game one is $735. for game two, $695. the cheapest tickets now in the $400 rage. the most expensive, $11,000 for first row behind the dug out. if you want to go to one of the games in detroit, tickets mid $500, cheaper but there's the cost of flying there. >> oh my goodness, crazy. it is history. right now the presidential candidates are on the campaign trail after last night's third and final debate. who won? live look at what the polls are saying. two celebrities promising bombshells in the presidential
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another live look at the california theater in san jose where the apple event continues unveiling the ipad mini. david louie has just tweeted the price will start at $329 for the 16 gigabyte memory version with wifi only. top price $659.
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preorders start this friday product will ship two weeks later in time for christmas. the election two weeks away. president obama and mitt romney are making their last pitch to voters now that the final presidential debate is over. katie marzullo joins us with a look at how well the candidates rated. >> reporter: candidates are back on the campaign trail hitting two states each today with only one percentage point between them, according to the latest poll. president obama arrived in delray beach, florida this morning telling voters that mitt romney can't be trusted. >> the president: his job plan doesn't create jobs. his deficit plan doesn't reduce the deficit, it adds to it. his foreign policy is from the 1980s. his social policies from the 19 50s. his chick policies are from
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the 1920s. -- >> reporter: for ryan more of the same attacks he heard in the debate that he says romney won. >> i think he guy a great job of articulating america's vision for a role in the world strong economy, strong america at home strong military and resolute and certain in defense of our values overseas. >> reporter: exchange over the military spurred one of the more memorable moments. >> our navy is smaller now than since 19 self taoefpblt >> the president: we also have fewer horses and bayonets. >> reporter: calling the president's response demeaning to the military. joe biden answered to that this morning. >> demeaning to the military for the president to say the truth that one aircraft carrier is probably more powerful than the united states navy was back then? >> reporter: fact checker sides with the president reporting the navy is not smaller. when the president wraps up in
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florida he's heading to ohio mitt romney in nevada his rally gets underway in an hour. tonight he parties with kidd rock in colorado. katie marzullo, abc7 news. last night's debate didn't make as big of an impact on social media as the previous two match-ups. 6.5 tweets during last night's debate compared to 7.2 million last week. 10 million during the first presidential debate. among the topics most treated last night president obama's comment about horses and bayonets. that was in response to romney saying we don't have as many navy ships now and the president's response. and we all love teachers a comment made by moderator bob schieffer. two celebrities may be about to make announcement that will rock the presidential election. donald trump says he will reveal what he is calling very, very big about president obama tomorrow and isn't hinting
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about what that might be. trump endorsed mitt romney. he may have to share headlines with attorney gloria all fill red she is preparing to release game -- allred. she preparing to release game changing information on romney and abortion. she is a confirmed obama backer. speaking of game-changing last night's rain didn't change the game but made it more dramatic. absolutely. we talked about matt cain pitching a quick game which he didn't. it worked out if the end and it did rain in the end. for tomorrow we are going to be -- we'll look at latest snow in the sierra in your seven day forecast. the growing ban on plastic bags at grocery stores. latest part of the bay area considering that move today. reducing belly fat with a
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vaccine? scientists hoping
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san mateo county will
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consider tonight whether to ban plastic bags the board is expected to introduce a what ban at its meeting tonight. the move could spur as many as 18 peninsula cities to launch their own bans. shoppers would have to bring their own bags or pay 10 cents for each paper bag. wet weather has caused major problems across california including huge pile-up on i-5 north of los angeles. the early morning accident involved nine big rig trucks. new video into the newsroom shows the scene shortly after the 3 a.m. crash. one driver was hurt, taken to the hospital. 400 gallons of diesel was spilled. expected to take several more hours to clear the roadway. >> in the sierra snow continues to fall blasting the higher altitudes causing traffic delays encouraging ski resort officials you are
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looking from heavenly valley resort. parts of i-80 closed off and on today between tahoe and truckee due to poor diving conditions. officials expect as much as two feet of snow on higher slopes. looking more like rain. >> skiers and snowboarders are looking -- [ unintelligible ] >> i think some of that is going to melt this happens every october. >> they are hoping to open friday. 11:20, good morning. you can see from sutro tower looking to the east southeast towards oakland, some of the clouds are building up as we start to warm the atmosphere a little from south beach looking -- bull shot the way
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the bay bridge comes from the left and moves -- beautiful shot the way the bay bridge comes from the left and moves. live doppler northwest corner of sonoma county near sea ranch, annapolis road and stewart point, skaggs, springs as that connects with highway 1 south of sea ranch where we are seeing the little bit of wet weather now. storm trending weaker as it slides slowly east southeast. it is the only game in town as we look at live doppler on the wider per expectancy, heaviest of the snow over if you are heading up that way, stuff may refreeze tonight there could be issues one the sun goes down in the higher elevation. 49 in santa rosa, 60 mountain view most of us in the 50s.
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mid 50s to low 60s inland. still have that weekend warming trend lurking in the seven day forecast. we'll need it to get back to average. today seven degrees cooler in oakland, eight in san francisco, 10 to 13 for -- for the rest of us. radar returns aren't nearly as numerous as they were yesterday. heat, humidity this time of the year we could pop off a storm or two same around monterey bay. tonight better chance of storms moving in 40s north bay the rest of us in the 50s. cold front that brought heavy rain questioned moving away instability behind it, the freckled nature of clouds, colder air over warmer water which is unstable jet stream 110 miles per hour providing the lift needed, if not the sunshine providing the lift also. one storm on live doppler,
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falls apart as it moves through the south bay during the evening commute not much after that you see scattered showers try to develop and push across the bay overnight probably not much hail but brief downpour possible a few showers lingering tomorrow at noon everything is gone by the afternoon wednesday thursday morning storm lapping at the coast for the better part of the day the storms will stay along the coast in the higher terrain there, quarter to half inch when this instability ends thursday afternoon. sunshine by friday warmest temperatures will fall in line with the weekend saturday and sunday. a vaccine that helped mice reduce belly fat could have a human application in the future. officials say belly fat is a problem for a lot of folks because it is linked to more serious health problems. research used heat generating
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cells injected into the bellies of mice to turn bad fat cells into energy burning fat, the mice lost 20% of their belly fat after 80 days of treatment. someone needs to put a lot of money into that research. new twist in marine mammal research. >> scientists are listening to whales.
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coming up at 3 on katie rod stewart tells all. the father and son who prevented a computer chip heist.
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those stories and more today. we've all heard of how smart whales are. a beluga whale has been recorded mimicking human voices. >> researchers at national marine mammal foundation in san diego recorded the spontaneous sounds of a captive male whale. scientists think the close proximity to people allowed him to imitate human speech.
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